Celebrities With Clare Ancestry

Ireland loves celebrity culture and the people of Co. Clare are no different!

Celebrities From Clare

We thought it might be interesting to devise a list of Ireland’s most loved celebrities who have Clare ancestry. So, without further-adieu, see how many of our celebrity favourites have some Clare blood in their veins

  1. Gene Kelly-American Actor-Kelly’s grandparents were from Clare.
  2. Nicole Kidman-Australian Actress- Kidman’s grandmother was from Co. Clare.
  3. Muhammad Ali-World Heavyweight Boxing Champion-Ali’s great-grandfather was from Clare.
  4. Jaqueline Onassis-Former first lady and wife of JFK-Jackie O had ancestors from Shandrum, Mullagh.
  5. Kylie and Danni Minogue-Australian Popstars-The Minogue sisters father’s parents were from Clare.
  6. Lucy Lawless-TV Star Xena Warrior Princess-Lawless’s great-grandfather was from Quilty.
  7. Rachel English-TV Presenter-This RTE presenter grew up in Shannon.
  8. Sharon Shannon-Irish Trad Musician-born in Ruan, Co. Clare. Sharon frequently plays gigs in local bars and venues.
  9. Ryan Tubridy-Irish TV Presenter-Late Late host Ryan Tubridy’s great-grandfather hailed from West Clare.
  10. Russell Crowe-Aussie actor-Crowe’s great-grandparents were from Co. Clare.

Judging from this list, it turns out there’s plenty of Clare descendants in Australia and America. Do any of the celebrities on here surprise you?

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